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Sutton Federation of Tenant & Resident Associations (SFTRA)

Address:                    Sutton Gate, 1 Carshalton Road, Sutton, SM1 4LE
Telephone Number:  020 8915 2348

Sutton Federation of Tenant & Resident Associations is made up of residents who want to be more involved in how their homes are managed. 

The Federation is made up of Tenants, Leaseholders, and Freeholders and others who volunteer their time to work for improvements to the quality of the service provided; taking up issues on behalf of individual residents and provide support for Resident Associations.

The Executive Committee - regularly attend the SHP board as observers and provide the core Membership of the SHP’s new involvement structure.

Any resident group can apply to join the SFTRA at no charge to the group.

The Executive Committee meets monthly and is elected every year at the annual general meeting to make decisions on behalf of the Federation.

The General Meetings are open to all resident groups and any resident who wants to attend. 

It meets every two months to discuss housing and community issues important to them. 

SFTRA provides speakers at most meetings – recent subjects have included how to get access to funding, recycling initiatives and anti-social behaviour.